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Welcome to OSArmor blog! Here we talk about cybersecurity, malware analysis and security advices to mitigate online threats. OSArmor is a great additional protection layer that can block suspicious process behaviors, you can write custom rules to block processes, you can block unknown and unsigned applications, and more.

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October 17, 2023   5 Min Read Time

Fake "Copyright Infringement" Messages Lead to Facebook 2FA Bypass

A customer contacted us due to some messages received on Facebook Messenger to unlock his Facebook page. The customer is a business owner and runs a Facebook page...

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March 10, 2023   2 Min Read Time

How to Digitally Sign Installer and Uninstaller with Inno Setup

It is important to digitally sign the installer and uninstaller of your software, but also the .tmp file executed by the installer and uninstaller. Else it may be...

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February 13, 2023   4 Min Read Time

Google Translate Used in Phishing Attack to Bypass Antispam Filters

Users have recently reported many phishing emails targeting webmail and social networks using a link to Google Translate to “host” the phishing URL and...

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Malicious Microsoft Publisher Document Fake Invoice

February 2, 2023   4 Min Read Time

Not Just OneNote, Also Microsoft Publisher Maldocs can Deliver Malware

A few weeks ago we discussed about malicious OneNote documents used to deliver AsyncRAT (that now are being utilized also by Qakbot), but the same can happen with...

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OneNote maldicious document

January 15, 2023   4 Min Read Time

Microsoft OneNote (.One File Extension) Attachment Delivers AsyncRAT

Users reported some malicious Microsoft OneNote documents in the past days that lead to AsyncRAT, a remote administration tool used to control and monitor other...

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