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Welcome to OSArmor blog! Here we talk about cybersecurity, malware analysis and security advices to mitigate online threats. OSArmor is a great additional protection layer that can block suspicious process behaviors, you can write custom rules to block processes, you can block unknown and unsigned applications, and more.

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Last Articles Published

OneNote maldicious document

January 15, 2023   4 Min Read Time

Microsoft OneNote (.One File Extension) Attachment Delivers AsyncRAT

Users reported some malicious Microsoft OneNote documents in the past days that lead to AsyncRAT, a remote administration tool used to control and monitor other...

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Malicious ISO file test2022.ucp LogMeIn

January 7, 2023   3 Min Read Time

LMIGuardianSvc.exe (LogMeIn) Abused to Sideload Malicious DLL

An user sent us an interesting malicious ISO file that contains a LNK shortcut and a “System Volume Information” folder (that is hidden to the user,...

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ISO file content with WerFault.exe

January 6, 2023   2 Min Read Time

Windows Tool WerFault.exe Abused to Sideload Malicious DLL

There is a new ISO file named “recent inventory& our specialties.iso” in-the-wild that is delivered via email as attachment and that uses a DLL...

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VLC Media Player fake website

December 29, 2022   5 Min Read Time

Searching a Software? Be Aware Where You Click, You May Get Malware

It looks like there is a massive ongoing malvertising campaign on Google Ads of search results that targets users looking to download popular software like MSI...

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RedLine stealer builder screenshot

December 24, 2022   7 Min Read Time

Infostealers Distributed Using Cracked Software & Fake Installers

Infostealers are malicious software used to steal important user information such as passwords, credentials, crypto-currency wallets, files, etc. These malicious...

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